(Used)Axis & Allies: Air Force Miniatures Two-Player Starter Set

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No. of Player:2 
Playing Time:90 mins 
Version:  English
Outside 外盒: C
Inside 配件:B

每件已開盒桌遊均經過 MonsterGeek 檢查,以確保每件桌遊都可再次使用。MonsterGeek 亦列明每件桌遊新舊狀況,可作參考。請注意,已開盒桌遊一經出售,恕不退換。

Axis & Allies Air Force Miniatures is a fast, action-packed game of World War II air combat. Players take the stick of one or more of history's most famous warplanes, taking on their opponent in wild dogfights. Bandits High features aircraft used in the Pacific Theater of Operations and introduces new scenarios, including bombing missions!