Feelinks 同感

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No. of Player:3 - 8
Playing Time:30  mins 
Version:Chinese ( 繁體中文 )  + English 

Feelinks 同感》是個有關情緒的遊戲,規則簡單,玩家就不同的生活處境,表達自己的感受,也猜想別人的情緒反應。玩家邊玩邊溝通,不單能加深自我認識,也能實踐同理心,反思先入之見對人際關係的影響。

《Feelinks 同感》揉合了遊戲的趣味和對情緒的探索,外語版早已在海外榮獲多個獎項,大受教育界、醫護界等專業人士歡迎!

Feelinks, the original title of the game, was proclaimed winner of the call for projects launched by the city of Poitiers in the fight against discrimination. The goal was the creation of a simple, easily playable game that relies on situations or questions around discrimination. Jean-Louis Roubira, one of the designers, previously developed the famous Dixit workshops of language with young people at risk.

In the game, our preconceptions are challenged. Feelinks contains 50 cards offering 150 situations from everyday life. For example: "You wake up in the body of a person of a different ethnicity" or "The Minister of Justice is caught smoking cannabis". The players are obligated to express their feelings in a given situation and to guess the feeling of another player in the same situation. This empathy for each player is conducive to the debate and to challenges of our preconceptions.