(Used) Good Cop Bad Cop 無間風雲 連 擴充合輯

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No. of Player:4 - 8 
Playing Time:10 - 20 mins 
Version:  Chinese(繁體中文)
Outside 外盒: A-
Inside 配件:A with card sleeves

每件已開盒桌遊均經過 MonsterGeek 檢查,以確保每件桌遊都可再次使用。MonsterGeek 亦列明每件桌遊新舊狀況,可作參考。請注意,已開盒桌遊一經出售,恕不退換。

當貪腐入侵了妳的團隊,首腦必須在團隊被瓦解之前,將變節者通通緝拿。妳無法獨自做到這壹點,更難之處是不知道誰是忠誠之人,誰已經變節,行動要快!因為 槍支不夠全部人用!

Good Cop Bad Cop is a 52 card hidden identity, deduction game where each player takes on the role of a law enforcement officer in a corrupt district. Players must investigate others to figure out who is on their side, grab one of the 2-3 guns on the table, and shoot the opposing leader to win the game.