Mastermind 珠璣妙算

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No. of Player:2 - 5
Playing Time:30 mins 
Version:Chinese ( 繁體中文 )  + English

益智又好玩的珠機妙算進級版,是朋友聯誼時最好的玩具,大家快來試試吧! 珠機妙算是經典的猜顏色遊戲,附有可轉動的遊戲座,更把參加的人數最大增至5人。除可單對單挑戰外,更可3至5人輪流出題解題。更使氣氛熱烈,快來買個最新的進級版珠璣妙算玩!

Based on the classic version of Mastermind , the only real change is that this edition is multi-player, supporting up to 5 players.
In a 5 player game, one person sets the code, and the others take turns making their guesses. Each guess scores points based on its accuracy as follows.

  • 1 point for right color, wrong spot
  • 2 points for right color, right spot
  • 10 points for cracking the code

Game is played over a number of rounds equal to the number of players, most total points wins.