Mr Jack in New York 開膛手傑克:紐約大逃殺

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No. of Player:2 / 4
Playing Time:30 mins 
Version:Chinese ( 繁體中文 )  + English

經由倫敦警方的警告,紐約警方展開對Tumblety的追捕。有多名目擊證人見到Tumblety出現在曼哈頓島,同時也出現了多起與倫敦類似犯罪手法的案件,為此紐約警方請出了多位傑出的市民一同參與調查。Tumblety就是開膛手傑克嗎?若不是的話,傑克這次要以誰的身分出現? 開膛手傑克--紐約大逃殺遊戲就此展開。

Mr. Jack in New-York is a complete game all on its own, however it is recommend for a beginner to play Mr. Jack first. The new version is more complex and requires more strategy.
Suspected of being the terrible Ripper, Francis J. Tumblety, the self-proclaimed doctor, is arrested by the London police service. He then escapes to New-York, where witnesses see him. The local police will not be deceived, as rumors suggest that he is in Manhattan, where the crimes appear strangely like they did in London. The police take no chance and ask the most eminent people of the city to help them in the chase of The Ripper. You will need to Investigate whether Francis J. Tumblety the real Mr. Jack, or if it is someone else.