Pandemic Legacy Season 2 Yellow Version 瘟疫危機傳承 第二季 (黃)

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No. of Player:2 - 4
Playing Time:60 mins 
Version:Chinese ( 繁體中文 )

瘟疫危機傳承:第二季,世界已經滅絕了71年。當瘟疫爆發後,沒有人能擋得住。經歷三個世代,僅存的人類生 活在海上,靠網路系統彼此通訊。但就在不久前,海外的城市開始失聯...

 Pandemic Legacy: Season 2 immerses players in a harrowing tale of survival. It is seventy-one years after the events of Pandemic Legacy: Season 1, and humanity has been brought to its knees. A network of the last known cities persists, supplied by the havens, isolated stations floating in the ocean far from the plague. Three generations of survivors have called the havens home. Most of them have never set foot on the mainland. But now supplies are running low and the people have turned to you to lead. It's up to you to save what remaining cities you can and stop the world from ending for good.