Princess Jing 景公主

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No. of Player:2 
Playing Time:25 mins 
Version:Chinese ( 繁體中文 

時值明朝,兩位公主困在北京的紫禁城中。景公主與她的妹妹芳公主已經許配給盟國的兩位年老王侯,皇上嚴禁她們私會其他男人,但姐妹們無視禁令,各與一名錦衣衛隊長互訴愛意, 浪漫情詩在屏風之廳蔓延。在鏡官森嚴的戒備下,公主小心翼翼地穿過重重屏風,試圖逃出 紫禁城,爭取戀愛自由。忠心的宮女喬裝成公主,企圖瞞天過海,但是頭冠洩漏了公主的身分……幫助景公主逃離紫禁城!

Princess Jing is a game of bluffing for two players or two groups of players.
A palace can quickly become a maze for an escaping princess, where each mirror can either reveal a way out, or conceal a trap! It is up to her to use them at her advantage, before her guardians turn them into spying devices!
Each player moves their princess across the board, hiding her progression, while placing allies and mirrors to uncover your opponent’s princess. Escaping the palace and running off with your sweetheart will require both wits and stealth!