Smart Farmer 醒目農夫

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Playing Time:10 - 20 mins 

依照挑戰咭上的指示,將動物擺放到遊戲板上。 利用欄杆將草地分為不同的區域。小馬、小牛、小羊及小豬需分在不同區域內。 在更難的挑戰中,不同區域還需加上一個水槽。小貼士:遊戲時,只能移動3個欄杆,不能移動任何動物和水槽。所有區域必須被某一種動物佔用。共60個挑戰,考你腦筋並有助提升各種認知能力。

Trouble at the farm! The animals are making a big mess and need to be separated…but the farmer has only 3 simple fences to divide his field into separate meadows. Can you help him place the fences so the horses, cows, sheep and pigs each get their own spaces? Then can you make sure they all have their own water to drink?