All About Board Games

MonsterGeek 棋怪桌遊 成立於2015年,並一直堅持自己的想法,提供專業桌上遊戲零售和玩樂服務。設立 MonsterGeek 棋怪桌遊 目的是為了將 Board Games 桌上遊戲在香港推廣,並提供全面的休閒娛樂平台。作為 Board Games 玩樂的先鋒,MonsterGeek 棋怪桌遊 設立至今一直引領香港 Board Games 桌上遊戲的熱潮。

我們亦為不同種類活動提供一站式服務,如團隊活動、朋友聚會、親子活動等,一應俱全。不同種類的桌上遊戲齊集於 MonsterGeek 棋怪桌遊,快來感受不一樣的桌上遊戲體驗!

Established in 2015, MonsterGeek Board Game Store persists in running a Board Game Store in our unique way - professional coaching service in addition to regular retail business. The aims of founding MonsterGeek are to introduce innovative Board Games to Hong Kong and to provide comprehensive leisure platforms for gamers to relax. Our Store in MongKok Yun Kei Building for people to play there and retail purpose.

We also provide one-stop service for all kinds of activities, such as staff engagement, private party, competition etc. Lots of the Board Games in MonsterGeek are waiting for you!



Superior Service

“To make sure our customers are happy” is our philosophy. We truly believe that  word of mouth advertising is the best advertisement that we can have. We want to make sure we separate ourselves from our competitors, therefore, on top of our great prices we also offer excellent service. We always give our best so that deliver the best experience to you. If there is ever a problem, let us know and we will do whatever we can to make it right.