MonsterGeek 桌遊租借服務

桌遊租借服務程序簡單,而且租期靈活,長租拎去旅行玩又得,短租用嚟weekend 招呼親朋戚友又得,得咗!


1. 登記個人資料、所租借的桌遊名稱及內容。

2. 繳付租借桌遊的按金,租金以「2日」為一期計算,每一期租金是按金10%,最少需租一期(則租借日+2日)。

3.  歸還時(連同單據),由本店點算零件數量,數量無誤且完整後扣除租金再退還按金。

* 桌遊租借服務只限 MonsterGeek VIP會員享有。





MonsterGeek Board Games Rental

Just a few steps and you can enjoy lots of board games with your friends.

Steps for Rental

1. Write down all the information about you and the board games.

2. Deposit for the games. 2 days for 1 period.

3.  Return the games with the receipt. After the checking of the games, we will deduct the fee and return the remaining deposit.


* Board Games Rental only for our VIP Members!

Please go the the following to check for the Board Games Rental

Please contact us directly if you have any quey.