Hey Yo (EN)

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No. of Player:2 - 10
Playing Time:15 mins 
Version:Japanese and English

Play cards to the rhythm.
[Awarded innoSPIEL!]Take turns playing cards to the rhythm and aim for the high score in this cooperative style game. Become a member of a rap crew and skillfully connect the cards to show the crowd what you've got! If you make it to the target score you can step it up and challenge the next stage. The rhythm won't wait for you! A fast reaction time and team work is everything! Up to 5 players can join in on this team battle!

"HEY YO" is a cooperative game where players play cards to the rhythm, carefully connecting the marks, and aim for the high score. The main feature of this game is the included device that keeps the rhythm going! If you press the button, a beat will drop and be you guide for playing the cards.

If you can't play your card in time with the rhythm you will receive a penalty, so you need work with the other players to share the information on your cards and quickly play them. Sometime you even need to play a card that doesn't connect at all! Will your team be able to work well together and put up a high score!?
2 decks with the same cards are included so from 4 to 10 players can play at the same time in team battles. You can even use you own music and follow that rhythm instead!