Monopoly Super Electronic Banking 大富翁 超級電子銀行

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No. of Player:2 - 4
Playing Time:60 - 180 mins 
Version:Chinese (䌓體中文)+ English

大富翁超級電子銀行 附有多合一功能的電子銀行機,並通過獨特的獎勵令遊戲更刺激! 每位玩家都有一張銀行卡,可以從遊戲中獲得不同的獎勵:擲骰子前行,停在特定空格或購買物業。 玩家還可以選擇飛往遊戲板上的任何地方,迫使另一名玩家交易其物業。 於遊戲中沒有紙幣,有紙牌和銀行機紀錄每位玩家的現金。 這是一款令人興奮的遊戲,玩家可以購買物業,收取租金,並因此獲得回報! 在遊戲結束時賺錢最多的玩家獲勝。

The MONOPOLY SUPER ELECTRONIC BANKING board game features an all in one electronic banking unit, and amps up the excitement with unique rewards! Each player has a bank card that will earn them different rewards for gameplay: roll a certain number, land on a certain space, or purchase a particular property. Players can also choose to fly to any property on the board, and force another player into trading one of their coveted properties. There is no paper money in this game -- the cards and banking unit track each player's cash. It's an exciting game as players buy properties, collect rent -- and get rewarded for it! The player with the most money at the end of the game wins.