T.I.M.E. Stories 時間守望

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No. of Player:2 - 4
Playing Time:90 mins 
Version:Chinese ( 繁體中文 )  

請盡可能用最快的速度來完成你們的任務, 但同時你們應該知道,只要有需求,任務是可以重新開始很多次的。請注意你們遭遇的每個場景,並選擇合理的行動。

The T.I.M.E Agency protects humanity by preventing temporal faults and paradoxes from threatening the fabric of our universe. As temporal agents, you and your team will be sent into the bodies of beings from different worlds or realities to successfully complete the missions given to you. Failure is impossible, as you will be able to go back in time as many times as required.