Zicke Zacke 拔毛運動會豪邁版

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No. of Player:2 - 4
Playing Time:15 - 20 mins 
Version:Chinese ( 繁體中文 

一大早開始,雞窩裡就熱鬧非凡,因為土雞奧運進行 到今天,要進入最精彩的項目,就是<拔毛賽跑>。所有的選手都磨拳擦爪,準備要大展身腳, 凡是能夠超越對手的雞,就能將對手屁 股上的羽毛拔掉,插在自己的屁股 上。獲得所有羽毛的雞,就是今 天的冠軍。想要贏得比賽必須對 雞窩裡的地形很熟悉,那些瞎 眼雞或健忘雞,最後只能光著屁股站在那裡,呆若木雞。

In Zicke Zacke, all the familiar Zoch critters are hiding behind a wooden fence, a fence comprised of cards, with only parts of their bodies being visible. Each player has a colored dung heap with a number of these cards next to the heap, meaning that these animals are hiding in this colored area. Several animals in hiding might also be placed next to the barn. A "slapping" card for each colored area in play, as well as the barn, is placed around a central deck of seek cards.