I'm the Boss Card Game 我是大老闆!紙牌版

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No. of Player:3 - 6
Playing Time:30 - 60 mins 
Version:Chinese ( 繁體中文 

這是一款需要你用盡心機來操縱交易,以獲取最大利益的遊戲,如果你拿到一手爛牌(如同真實人生……),就設法破壞這場交易,讓它由盈轉虧來擊潰你的對手。透過狡詐的交易手段(設計一些陷阱和使用背後捅刀的伎倆)、或讓「表兄妹」 插股,賺取最多的財富來證明你是當之無愧的「大老闆」?

I'm the Boss!: The Card Game, a version of Sid Sackson's classic negotiation game I'm the Boss! that's based on his original design of that game, is still all about negotiation, with players trying to end up with more money in hand than anyone else.