MonsterGeek board game rental service

The board game rental service procedure is simple and the rental period is flexible. It is suitable for long-term rental to travel and play, and short-term rental for visiting relatives and friends during the weekend. It’s great!

Lease details

1. Register personal information, name and content of the rented board game.

2. Pay the deposit for renting the tabletop game. The rent is calculated based on "2 days". Each period of rent is 10% of the deposit. At least one period is required (the rental day + 2 days).

3. When returning (along with receipts), the store will count the number of parts. Once the quantity is correct and complete, the rent will be deducted and the deposit will be refunded.

*Board game rental service is only available to MonsterGeek VIP members.

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MonsterGeek Board Games Rental

Just a few steps and you can enjoy lots of board games with your friends.

Steps for Rental

1. Write down all the information about you and the board games.

2. Deposit for the games. 2 days for 1 period.

3. Return the games with the receipt. After the checking of the games, we will deduct the fee and return the remaining deposit.

* Board Games Rental only for our VIP Members!

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Please contact us directly if you have any query.