Global Horror: Masks of Nyarlathotep Expansion Eldritch Horror: Masks of Nyarlathotep

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No. of Player:1 - 8
Playing Time:120-240 mins
Version: Chinese ( traditional Chinese )

Once silent, multiple seemingly unrelated cults launched a plan that would bring catastrophe to mankind. Across the globe, they are committed to accomplishing the same goal - to open the "Gate" and destroy humanity. What evil force brings these disparate organizations together? More importantly, can they be stopped? The Mask of Nyarlathotep expansion pits investigators against creeping Chaos in a fight for the soul of humanity. A bold homage to one of the greatest role-playing scripts of all time, this expansion brings seven fearless investigators into the fray, who are either forged or consumed by the fires of fate. The Mask of Nyarlathotep introduces individual story, focus, and resource-gathering actions for investigators, as well as many additional supports, spells, and artifacts for the global horror world. This expansion will give investigators everything they need to take on two new ancient gods and a new campaign mode. The Lord of Kadath Awakens

Requires "Global Thriller" main game to use.

Eldritch Horror: Masks of Nyarlathotep is an expansion for Eldritch Horror , a cooperative board game for one to eight players in which intrepid investigators must traverse the globe in an attempt to thwart the cataclysmic rise of an otherworldly Ancient One. Strange cults are gathering strength in remote corners and bustling cities all over the world. Though they seem to worship different gods, the investigators have found a thread that runs throughout all of the cultists' horrific rites.

In Masks of Nyarlathotep , each of these sects pursues the awakening of an aspect of the same horrific creature: Nyarlathotep. This being is known as the Messenger of the Outer Gods, and he is the only Ancient One that still actively walks among humanity. The investigators must work to stop the cults springing up to serve his many guises, or Nyarlathotep will gain enough strength to open the Ultimate Gate, ushering in an unthinkable doom. Strike down these cults in new Adventures, explore ancient mysteries among new Mystic Ruins, and destroy the monstrous followers of Nyarlathotep. New to this expansion, Personal Stories unique to each character add stakes to the actions undertaken by each investigator, and a Campaign mode adds a fresh challenge and enriches the narrative of the investigators' struggles to stop the many cults worshiping the multitude of faces worn by one dread being in Eldritch Horror: Masks of Nyarlathotep !

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