Mansion of Madness: Path Of The Serpent

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No. of Player:1 - 5
Playing Time:120-180 mins
Version: Chinese ( traditional Chinese )

Welcome to the jungle... The jungle is lush with trees and green grass, presenting a primitive beauty, but it also hides various dangers. No matter how brave the explorer is, he will face defeat in the face of ruthless heat, limited supplies, and fanged beasts, and return to the comfortable embrace of civilized society. If someone survives these ordinary dangers, his reward will only be more challenges: idols under forced spells, temples in danger, and long-forgotten gods waiting for the brave to discover themselves.

"The Way of the Snake" expands upon investigators sent into the untouched wilderness of the Amazon jungle. Investigators must discover the ancient secrets of a lost civilization, stop the Serpent's threatening spell, and explore vine-covered, crumbling ruins. In three new scenarios, investigators will fight against terrifying snake creatures, face awakened stone monsters, and avoid being lost in the jungle forever. The investigators journey into a forgotten part of the world and must do whatever it takes to survive the adventure!

Now in Mansions of Madness , you take on the role of Arkham's bravest investigators who must step into the unexplored wilderness of the Amazon jungle and explore crumbling ruins, discover the secrets of lost civilizations, and stop a serpent's curse before the world descends into chaos. In three new scenarios, you will battle horrifying serpent creatures, face stone monstrosities that come to life, and beat the ever-present danger of being lost to the jungle forever.

Four new characters, four new monsters.

The scenarios:
In The Jungle Awakens - a lavish Arkham garden party shows off the host's recent acquisitions from a South American expedition.

Into the Dark - your team of investigators have been hired to assist a South American expedition.

Lost Temple of Yig - takes your investigators to ancient stone halls where serpentine priests attempt to reforge their broken bonds with their god, Yig.