[Available now] Marvel Champions: Age of Apocalypse (45)

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No. of Player:1 - 4
Playing Time:45-90 mins
Version: Chinese ( traditional Chinese )

This massive expansion set for "Marvel Legends Rising: Age of Apocalypse" contains 271 cards, leading you into a dark future ruled by the evil Apocalypse. "Age of Apocalypse" brings five new interconnected plots. The X-Men will face off against their oldest and deadliest enemy and fall into the quagmire of war! Will you succeed in overthrowing this ancient tyrant and restoring peace to the world? Or will he die worthless in the Age of Apocalypse?

* Rule Book P14 Scenario #3 Personalized rules paragraph mistakenly inserts the narrative of the same paragraph in Scenario #2. The correct description should be "Dark Cavalry and Infinite Army module encounter groups can be removed from this plot", not Hound and Counterattack Utopian Nightmare Mod.

Must be played with the core package of "Marvel Legends Rising: The Card Game"

The end of the world has come. After defeating the likes of Magneto, Mister Sinister, and Stryfe, the X-Men and X-Force have returned home expecting some well-deserved rest. Instead, what they found is worse than anything they could have imagined: Professor X is dead, the world is in ruins, and a ruthless tyrant rules over what remains of humanity with an iron fist. Brace yourselves, heroes, for the Age of Apocalypse has arrived!

Welcome to the conclusion of the “mutant trilogy” of expansions for Marvel Champions: The Card Game ! As the game's seventh campaign expansion, Age of Apocalypse brings a number of classic X-Men characters to the table, including two new playable heroes, Bishop and Magik, each of whom comes with a pre-built deck ready to play from the get-go. Face off against the forces of Apocalypse, the X-Men's greatest and most powerful foe. This expansion includes five brand-new scenarios, each of which can be played individually or as part of a larger campaign.

Whether you're a longtime fan or have only just started playing, anyone who enjoys Marvel Champions won't want to miss out on Age of Apocalypse !

Not a standalone expansion. A copy of the Marvel Champions: The Card Game core set is required to play.