Moving Wild (EN)
Moving Wild (EN)

Moving Wild (EN)

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HK$ 179
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Moving Wild (EN)

Moving Wild (EN)

$ 189 $ 179

Moving Wild (EN)

$ 189 $ 179

No. of Player:1 - 6
Playing Time:20 mins
Version: Japanese and English

Surrounded by nature

Establishing a national park is no easy task. Some animals have begun migrating back and forth in search of new homes. Hippopotamuses who love both water and land, huge elephants, and bears who just want to be left alone. You couldn't help but mutter under your breath as the cards were passed around in your hands. You want to choose the perfect location, but should you choose the location or the animals first?

Draw one card at a time and pass it to others in the form of "card selection". Perfectly match the most suitable animals with the most suitable locations to create an unprecedented harmonious national park!

Nature all around

Developing a national park is no small feat. Some animals have begun their migration, going around and around in search of a new place to live. Hippos that love both water and land. Huge elephants. And bears that just want to be left alone. "Uhhhh," you can't help but growl as the cards go around. You want to secure the perfect spot, but should you choose a location or an animal first? Take one card at a time and pass the rest around in this " drafting" style game. Match just the right animals with just the right locations and create the most harmonious national park ever!

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