Stone Age 2.0 Prehistoric Tribe Paleo

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No. of Player:2 - 4
Playing Time:45-60 mins
Version: Traditional Chinese (繁体中文)

In the prehistoric tribes of the early Stone Age, before humans lived a sedentary life, every day was filled with challenges.
Danger is everywhere in the wilderness, and finding food is extremely difficult. Only by working together with the tribesmen can we defeat the threats of nature, continue the life of the tribe, and share heroic legends with our descendants.
In a prehistoric tribe, players each lead a group of tribesmen and jointly discuss who will go where to explore, but you don't know exactly what kind of challenges are waiting for you there?
The choice is always there. Get as much information as possible before setting off, and prepare appropriate tools to improve the skills of the tribe. When facing tasks, players assist each other and must complete each task in the most efficient way, otherwise , food shortage may be the biggest threat to the survival of the tribe!

The game contains 10 different modules, belonging to 7 difficulty levels. Most games only use 2 of the modules. Players can play the game step by step according to the difficulty level.
All mods can be used together or each difficulty level can be played independently, so there is always something new to discover among the prehistoric tribes.
Prehistoric Tribes - an exciting adventure exploring the Stone Age.

Paleo is a co-operative adventure game set in the stone age, a game in which players try to keep the human beings in their care alive while completing missions. Sometimes you need a fur, sometimes a tent, but these are all minor quests compared to your long-term goal: Painting a woolly mammoth on the wall so that humans thousands of years later will know that you once existed. (Okay, you just think the mammoth painting looks cool. Preserving a record of your past existence is gravy.)

What might keep you from painting that mammoth? Death, in all its many forms.