Pig and dog friends - Pick-a-Pig

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No. of Player:1 - 5
Playing Time:15 mins
Version: Chinese ( traditional Chinese ) + English

While Farmer Henry was enjoying the wine in his newly built huge cellar, the pigs and puppies on the farm also took the opportunity to have a party to celebrate! Although they are very naughty, they are very strict when playing games in groups and firmly believe in the principle of "birds of a feather flock together"! Can you quickly recruit the most elite team for Piggy and Puppy? 

This is a card game about image recognition. The pigs on the game cards are all in similar poses, with only five differences. Players must grab as many cards as possible under the condition that only one item can be changed.

Can be combined with "Pig and Dog Friends - Dolphin Camp" to increase difficulty and challenge!

While Farmer Henry is enjoying his red wine in his newly-built colossal basement, the piggies in the barn are also partying for fun! Impish as they are, they're really organized in forming groups for games - Pigs of a Belly Band Together! Recruit your team with careful selection, but not too slowly!

Combine it with Pick-a-dog for a more challenging game!