Cheers Raise Your Goblets

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No. of Player:2 - 12
Playing Time:30 mins
Version: Chinese ( traditional Chinese )

A game of drinking, overt and covert fighting, paired with wine and poison, suitable for 2-12 players with different agendas to compete together.

In the ancient kingdom of Eutrivia, everyone liked the king, but wanted to be the king even more!
To turn the inheritance system in your favor, all it takes is a drop of poison in the right chalice - get ready for a game of cunning, deceit and bluffing!
Hide your wine behind the screen, pour a drop of poison into the wine glass that murders the target, and be sure to have a drop of antidote in your hand??
Because a player is planning to poison you! ?You must always be ready for a toast!

Otravia is a kingdom known as much for its beauty, as it is for its rulers' unfortunate habit of dying by poison. They long ago got abandoned notion of royal family lines, and since that time, death by old age seems to have become a thing of the past. Despite the inherit risks of the position, it seems everybody is simply dying to take on the role. Raise Your Goblets is a game that allows two to twelve players the chance to vie for the position of the King by poisoning their opponents and surviving the toast themselves. Over three different courses of a feast, players will be able to add wine, poison or antidotes to goblets, swap goblets, take a peek at the goblet in front of them, or call a toast. Many will Croak, but with luck, memory and bluffing, a new king will be crowned.