Twisted Fables Exp. Bundle

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No. of Player:2
Playing time: 30-60 minutes
Version: Traditional Chinese (繁体中文)

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"Blazing Deep" character expansion

Adding the expansion of the dual characters of "The Little Mermaid" and "Stick Girl", you will be able to use them and play together with the main game!

The Little Mermaid : The special feature is "Tentacle Mark". As Cthulhu, no, the Little Mermaid's ability is to spread tentacles all over the battlefield... Be careful! The enemy standing on the tentacles will suffer huge losses.
Match Girl : As a little match girl, she has signed a contract with the devil and sells match cards to your card library. Whenever you use a match card, her wish will come true...

"Dark Night Conspiracy" character expansion

An expansion has been added to the dual characters of "Dorothy" and "Sheherasad", you will be able to use them and mix with the main game!

Dorothy (The Wizard of Oz): She is a super combo robot. You will quickly play various combo cards to start your performance!
Sheherasad (One Thousand and One Nights): As the most intelligent artificial intelligence, put your "Fate Mark" on the card library, because the opponent's fate will be changed...

Note: The expansion needs to be paired with the main game

Plunge deeper into the world of Twisted Fables ! Flood and Flame includes the new fables Little Mermaid and Match Girl, both of which are ready to ensnare their adversaries - whether in tentacles or wishes; water or fire.

Dark powers stir. Relentless machines rise. Are you ready? Dark Machinations includes the new fables Dorothy and Scheherazade, neither of which would hesitate to obliterate any opponent standing in their way.