Hair Plucking Games Heroic Version Zicke Zacke

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No. of Player:2 - 4
Playing time: 15-20 minutes
Version: Chinese ( traditional Chinese )

Hair-Plucking Games is a five-star super fun memory game that won the Jury Award for Best Game in 1998. It not only improves mental agility, but also strengthens parent-child relationships and trains interactive responses when friends get together. And a sense of fun! This game comes with luxurious wooden accessories!
Starting early in the morning, the chicken coop has been very lively, because the Chicken Olympics has been going on to this day, and the most exciting event is the "Feather Plucking Race". All the players are gearing up and preparing to show off their skills. Any chicken that can surpass the opponent can pluck the feathers from the opponent's buttocks and insert them into their own buttocks. The chicken that gets all the feathers is today's champion. If you want to win the game, you must be familiar with the terrain in the chicken coop. Those blind chickens or forgetful chickens can only stand there with their bare buttocks, stunned.

In Zicke Zacke , all the familiar Zoch critters are hiding behind a wooden fence, a fence comprised of cards, with only parts of their bodies being visible. Each player has a colored dung heap with a number of these cards next to the heap, meaning that these animals are hiding in this colored area. Several animals in hiding might also be placed next to the barn. A "slapping" card for each colored area in play, as well as the barn, is placed around a central deck of seek cards .