Dokojong (EN)

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MonsterGeek 現購買任何桌上遊戲本地運費一律港幣$25送到指定自取點。買滿港幣$800更有免運費優惠!


No. of Player:2 - 5
Playing Time:20 mins 
Version:Japanese and English

I will protect this dog!
5 cabinets members have become so infatuated with the King's dogs that they have hidden them away so that only they can show it affection. "You! Have you seen my dog!?" "I think it might be in that room!" "No, no! Let's search this room over here!" They all hide their favorite dogs while trying to find the other cabinet member's dogs. If you don't make an effort to search for the other dogs, the dog you love so much might be discovered. But how will you be able to keep your dog's location a secret!?

A short game where players try to guess where each other's dog is hidden among five tiles. You want to avoid revealing your dog's whereabouts, but if you overact to avoid guesses, your dog may be exposed.

5 plastic tiles are lined up in front of each player. Only 1 of those tiles is hiding a dog! Can you keep yours a secret and find the others!?