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【Pre-order discount】Revive

【Pre-order discount】Revive

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【Pre-order discount】Revive

$ 319 $ 305

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No. of Player:1 - 4
Playing Time:90-120 mins
Version: Traditional Chinese

The expected arrival date is late June.

Human civilization was completely destroyed due to a "catastrophe", and the ground was frozen for thousands of years. Now the major tribes composed of survivors have once again set foot on this land. Following the guidance of their ancestors to rebuild the world, perhaps this will be the last chance to revive human civilization!

In "Rebirth of Dawn" , players will play the role of a future new human tribe dedicated to reviving human civilization, competing for limited resources and honor in the apocalypse where everything is waiting to be revitalized. Each tribe has unique abilities, making the game extremely rich in strategy and playability.

Choose the most suitable card from dozens of card ability combinations to add to your build and trigger amazing additional rewards! The unique mechanical track system is perfectly combined with the interaction of the board. Explore and seize the richest locations on the board, advance the track, unlock new machinery and score points! Up to hundreds of ability and target components bring super rich changes and depth of exploration. Freely combine various abilities to create the coolest COMBO that will impress the audience!

Revive civilization, 5000 years after everything was destroyed. Lead your tribe and explore the frozen earth. Harness its resources. Recruit surface survivors to your cause. Build factories with powerful machines. And populate ancient sites to relearn your tribe's forgotten technologies.
Revive is a game for 1-4 players with asymmetric player powers, highly variable setup, and no fighting or direct conflict. Playing through the 5-part campaign unlocks additional contents, and once all contents have been unlocked, the game can be replayed indefinitely.

At the beginning of the game, each player gets a set of citizen cards, a tribe board, as well as a huge dual-layer player board. The tribe board shows your unique tribe ability and the ancient technologies that you may relearn during the game . The dual-layer player board is where you place your custom machines and upgrade your card slots.

A main goal of the game is to reach and populate the large ancient sites. These ancient locations are randomized, and as they are important sources of victory points, they will shape your strategy differently each game. The game ends when all artifacts have been taken , and the player with the most points wins.

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