UNO All Wild (EN)

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No. of Player:2 - 10
Playing Time:30 mins 

在 UNO 全特別牌遊戲卡牌遊戲中,每張紙牌搭配著超快節奏,絕對刺激十足! 沒有像常規 UNO那樣匹配數字或顏色,但這並不是聽起來那麼簡單。 特別卡絕對可以改變整個遊戲!Wild Skip Two 卡可讓玩家跳過其他兩個玩家而不是傳統的一個玩家,另外還有一張 Wild Forced Swap 卡,玩家可以跟對手交換卡牌。此版本UNO即能讓人上癮又令人振奮,是你必選的絕佳禮物。

In UNO All Wild™ card game, every single card is wild for a fast-paced, even more unpredictable version of this family favorite! There's no matching of number or color like regular UNO®, but it's not as easy as it sounds. Special Action Cards really change the game! There's a Wild Skip Two card where players skip two other players instead of the traditional one, a Wild Forced Swap card where players change entire hands and more! This edition is as addictive as it is exhilarating and makes a great gift for players 7 years and older. Colors and decorations may vary.

  • Every card is a Wild Card in UNO® All Wild!
  • Play is fast with no matching colors or numbers required as in classic UNO®.
  • It's also more surprising with the action cards in the deck -- Wild Reverse, Wild Skip and Skip 2, Wild Draw 2 and 4, Wild Forced Swap and Wild Targeted Draw 2.
  • Don't forget, when players get down to only one card they must yell 'UNO!'